Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to print my Booking Confirmation?

All Booking Confirmations issued by EastWest (on behalf of the operator Sharp Airlines) will be sent to the customer by email.  If you have not received your Booking Confirmation within 48 hours of booking please contact our Reservations team

Please note that photo identification will be required at check in, you do not need your Booking Confirmation to check in.

Full terms and conditions regarding your booking can be found here.

Remember to check your Booking Confirmation for times.

It is essential that all customers arrive at the airport with enough time to check-in before their flight.

Check-in Commences: 60 mins before departure

Check-in Ends: 30 mins before departure

Boarding Commences: 15 mins before departure

Can I cancel a flight reservation or change date of travel?

Fare conditions are based on the type of fare purchased. 

To see the conditions for a particular fare type click here.

Transporting pets

Pets may be carried on Sharp Airlines as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Pets are carried in an RSPCA approved "Pet Pack" which can be purchased through your local pet shop or vet.
  • Maximum cage/crate size in 73Lx44Wx52H cm and must contain a moisture absorbent mat.
  • Sharp Airlines does not provide a forwarding service so arrangements must be made for unaccompanied pets to be collected on arrival.
  • A charge of $75 per cage/crate will be charged for all pet travel in Victoria and NSW.

Medical conditions

Passengers with medical conditions must make their bookings through contacting Reservations. Bookings cannot be made online.

Sharp Airlines may request that passengers have their physician read and complete the Medical Certificate of Fitness to Travel form when the passenger:

  • Has an unstable medical/mental condition; or
  • Is recovering from an acute illness or infectious disease; or
  • Has been released from hospital in the previous 24 hours; or
  • Requires oxygen in-flight.

If there is any doubt about the suitability of air travel of any passenger, the recommending medical practitioner will be consulted directly by Sharp.

Should the form be required, it must be completed, signed by a medical practitioner and returned to Sharp Reservations Office prior to travel.

Travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor

Children aged between 5 - 11 years who are traveling without the supervision of a parent or guardian are classified as being an Unaccompanied Minor. To make a booking for an Unaccompanied Minor contact your Reservations team

Bookings for these children cannot be made online.

Please note: In the interests of the safety of the child, children under the age of 5 years will not be carried unaccompanied on any Sharp flight.

Booking the Flight

At the time of booking we will require the parent/nominated guardian who is checking in the child to complete an Unaccompanied Minor Form.  Once completed, details must be sent to the Reservations Office

At the Airport

Unaccompanied minors must arrive at the Sharp Airlines Terminal at least 60 minutes prior to departure. This will allow ample time for check-in procedures.

When the minor arrives at the Terminal, the parent/guardian will be asked to fill out a Sharp Unaccompanied Minor Form. Please ensure that you have photo identification as this will be checked against the information provided to Sharp on the Unaccompanied Minors Form

In The Air

Unaccompanied Minors are supervised by Sharp Airlines crew from boarding time until landing. He / she should be able to travel without constant supervision as flights operated by Sharp do not carry a flight attendant. A child must be able to sit upright unaided in the purchased seat, with the seat belt adjusted securely without any slack around the waist.

Special Notes

Encourage your child to take a favourite toy or doll on the flight. Please explain that they will have the responsibility of looking after it throughout the journey. This will help your child feel more secure and 'at home.'

Please note that there are no toilet facilities on Sharp Airlines Aircraft. Ensure that the young person has attended the toilet facilities at the airport prior to boarding.

Travelling with an Infant or Child

To ensure your infant (under 24 months of age) has a safe, comfortable and enjoyable flight, please read the following information carefully regarding your infant or child travel:

  • Must be nursed in the arms of a parent or guardian
  • Infants who do not occupy a separate seat are carried free of charge 
  • Requires their own e-ticket 
  • Each infant must be accompanied by a separate adult
  • When checking in with infants or children please provide proof of their date/s of birth. Passports, extracts or copies of birth certificates or immunisation books are accepted
  • Infant restraint belts are available on all aircraft and must be worn by infants on take-off, landing, during turbulence and whenever airline staff advise or the seat belt sign is illuminated.

Flying while pregnant

Advanced pregnancy passengers who have experienced a normal uncomplicated pregnancy or where there is no likelihood of an impending birth do not require medical clearance. Complicated or multiple pregnancy acceptance for travel does require medical clearance.

After 28 weeks, you will need to carry a certificate or letter from a registered medical practitioner or registered midwife confirming:

  • The estimated date of delivery
  • Whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy
  • That your pregnancy is routine and that there are no complications

The certificate or letter must be available on request and be carried with you at the airport and during the flight in your cabin baggage.

If you do have complications with your pregnancy, Medical Certificate is also required.

Short Flights

For routine pregnancies, you can travel up to the end of the 36th week.

After Delivery

Medical Certificate is required if you are travelling within 7 days of your delivery date. Infants cannot travel for 48 hours after delivery and need Medical Clearance to travel between 3 and 7 days after delivery.

How early do I need to be at the airport?

It is essential that all customers arrive at the airport with enough time to check-in before their flight.

Check-in Commences: 60 mins before departure

Check-in Ends: 30 mins before departure

Boarding Commences: 15 mins before departure

Connecting Flights 

Please allow enough time between connecting flights

If you plan on booking a connecting or follow-on flight, during the winter months in particular, Sharp recommends the following minimum times between the first flight arrival and next take off:

  • 2 hours for domestic bookings; and
  • 4 hours for international bookings.

These are the minimum times required to collect baggage and complete check-in procedures for your second flight.

What is the Wallet?

All EastWest customers with an online account automatically have access to their own private and secure online Wallet to receive refund credit if they cancel a flight.

Travellers receive credit if they cancel a flight and, under the Fare Rules, a credit balance is available to them.

The Credit balance stored in the Wallet will be used towards the cost of your next EastWest next booking.

For more information call us on 1300 350 616.